Using Google Trending Keywords for Content Marketing

A lot of content marketers (i.e. bloggers, i.e. people who write stuff) sit down to write about either topics that interest them, or that interest their market.  Then they optimize that content for search and social (SEO and SMO), maybe promote the content with PPC and Adwords, and wait for people to find them.  That’s the traditional view of content marketing and blogging – and it works, but it’s time consuming, and in some cases expensive if you go the PPC/advertising route.

But there’s a better way to get your content visible in front of a lot more people – bearing in mind that the increased traffic you get is an SEO signal in an of itself for increased trust and page rank.   You can tap into the trending topics explorer on Google at  This will show you the topics and keywords that the most amount of people are searching for at any given time. Everyone knows this; it’s an age-old SEO trick that works incredibly well for getting massive traffic, but it’s kind of a right place at the right time kind of situation.  And yet, imagine being able to tap into that flood of traffic, and getting your content in front of them?

It’s easy, but it’s not always relevant.  For example, as I’m writing this blog post the keyword “Subway” is trending because it’s National Sandwich Day (how is that even a thing?) and they’re giving away free subs.  So it should be easy to just drop the keyword Subway into this blog post and re-route all that search traffic to my blog, right?  Well, it doesn’t work that way.  Since my blog and Trendie has nothing to do with either Subway or sandwiches, it lacks a key ingredient for the massive traffic recipe – relevance.

That’s where the new service comes in (still in closed invite-only beta).  It listens to a over a dozen sources – not just Google’s top 20 – for trending keywords and topics for all search engines, news and social networks.  As soon as anything related to what you’re marketing or blogging about comes up, it notifies you – and with suggestions for what to blog about and how to optimize your post to best take advantage of this technique.

Stay tuned for the launch, and sign up for an early beta invite on the home page – which also gets you free access to pro features after launch!